Dirty Pictures (NSFW)

I’ve been leading a double life. Some of you know that I blog at Balloon Juice most of the time. Last Saturday night I got a little bit excited and posted a thread over there that was a little bit rude. Well, actually quite rude. I have since then edited the post over there to take out most of the rudeness and linked it to here with a NSFW warning. Here is the unexpurgated version of my original post.


It’s late on Saturday night, and the kiddies should all be in bed, so here (by special request) we go. Let no one ever say this isn’t a full service blog

I like looking at pictures of strapping young men or (on occasion) nubile young women (although you won’t be surprised that my tastes run mainly the other way). I blame my father who had, stashed in his study where the servants and mummy couldn’t find it, a library of porn of all kinds. He had a thing for a little bit of sodomy and the lash – learned first at Rugby where he went to school (he always said that the British Empire was built on a foundation of buggery and lumpy porridge) and perfected in the Araby where he spent several months tying T.E. Lawrence to a chest of drawers and whipping him ’til he cried for his mummy.

I have continued to build on Daddy’s collection throughout the years. I have, for example, discovered, of late, a taste for shopping on eBay for random snapshots. I love the candor, these beautiful young men caught in their prime, now perhaps long dead, but caught forever for my delectation.

The first image above (click most of these images for embiggening) is one for which I was, sadly, outbid. That chest, those little shorts. It makes Grammy feel quite warm.

I am not alone in my devotion. The internet may be 90% porn, but there are some aficionados who bring some class to the dirty picture trade. A particular favourite is Callum James, whose website is a delightful mix of bookish paraphernalia and hot young things, and from whence come the second and third images.

They put the lie to the wingnuts’ fantasies of a long ago more innocent age. The sight of a hint of stocking may have been more alluring than nudity, but the reality is that most of these young people were at it like drunken ferrets whenever they had the chance. Read the rest of this entry »


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