Tricky like a fox

The other day, while I was researching fast working and undetectable poisons on the internet, I came across a picture of an adorable little domesticated Russian fox.

I remember that Brezhnev sent one of them to Dick and Pat Nixon in San Clemente after Dick was hounded from office.

I was staying with them for the weekend – Pitty Pat had been hitting the cinnamon schnapps a bit too much and ranting about “fucking up Woodward and Bernstein” and Dick wanted me to, in his words, “have a fucking word with her”.

The poor fox-doggy came in a box, delivered by three very large Russian men in a black limousine.

Pat opened the lid and this adorable little grey and white thing beamed up at us and wagged its tail.

Then Dick looked in as well, and it immediately leapt straight upwards and latched onto his chin. They had to cover it with a blanket for ten minutes to make it let go.

Dogs know. Even dogs that are foxes.

Image: Anna Kukekova via Scout Around.

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