It’s 6pm in New Zealand…

It’s not called Christchurch for nothing…


Auckland Catholic Church spokeswoman Lyndsay Freer told NZPA church attendance had not increased at all since Camping’s warnings.

She described his prediction as ”scaremongering nonsense”, that had nothing to do with scripture.

”We’re not superstitious here.”

There was no indication in the Bible for when the Apocalypse would strike, she said.

H/t: PPOG Penguin at Balloon Juice.

2 Comments on “It’s 6pm in New Zealand…”

  1. Andy Rogers says:

    “We’re not superstitious here.” and this was said about a church, right? Well where ARE they superstitious, if not a church?

  2. alwhite says:

    Well, it is 6:30 local time. I was quite surprised, really, to find myself floating skyward, naked as the day I was born just a bit ago. I talked one of the archangels into letting me use his laptop so I could send a note to all you heathens left behind. (note, it is Linux based, Linux being the OS of the Gods I guess since he(?) – sorry I have not figured out all the gender things here yet, my vertigo is raging. peering over the edge of a cloud makes me very dizzy but it is supposed to pass. Anyway, he said to go ahead and made some joke about “Welcome to Heaven here is your Linux PC/Welcome to Hell here is your Windows PC”)

    So, where was I? Oh, anyway, its all pretty peachy here although I was told the wing implants are painful as He does not believe in anesthesia. Not really looking forward to that.

    It madness here at the moment what with all the new arrivals, I have not run into anyone I know which is a bit of a disappointment but no Republicans so thats all good. The house orchestra, Glenn Miller and Count Basie with Benny Goodman and Gene Krupa, played us in so that was fantastic. Going to hear Hendrix and Janis after new arrival orientation so it isn’t boring.

    I will write again soon if allowed. But from what I hear you guys may not have a lot of free time what with the tribulations and all.

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