The little things that keep me sane

I apologize that I’ve been quiet recently. There hasn’t been much posting because every time I sit at my computer and start to write, I have an overwhelming urge to repeatedly slam my face into my keyboard, and frankly ten pages of:


does not make compelling reading (even if it is more coherent, incisive and factually-based than anything Megan McArdle has managed to write in the last ten years).

I’m going to try and get my mojo back with a post about things that have enabled me to survive a month in which it seemed like everyone in the world had turned into a raging dickhead except you and me (and honestly I was a little bit dubious about you and me).

First – geekery! A new Doctor Who trailer with lots of recycled stuff, but a few intriguing new glimpses of pyramiddy goodness.

I think I might be a little old for Matt Smith, but it would be nice to add a fourth Doctor’s notch to my bedpost. Anyway, you never know, he might be interested in a woman who’s almost as old as his character.

Sticking with Doctor Who for a moment, I have very much enjoyed reading two websites whose authors have been taking two very different approaches to watching Doctor Who in order from the start. At Adventures with the Wife in Space, Neil Perryman has convinced his non-geek wife to watch with him, and is charting their progress. Mrs Perryman is simply a hoot.

Meanwhile, Philip Sandifer’s writing at TARDIS Eruditorum: A Psychochronography in Blue is not a tenth as po-faced as the name might suggest, and he provides some wildly entertaining analysis of each episode for those hardcore Who geeks amongst us.

Next, this article about Dutch railway maintenance company ProRail’s new “transfer acceleration system” at Overvecht station. I love the Dutch, and not only because when they talk they sound like they are saying rude things in English. (h/t B3ta)

Finally, 7×7 has a quite wonderful mash up by Stein-Vidar called Like a Virgin At The Y.M.C.A. via Bootie blog. For some reason, I imagine Krugman and Frum engaging in a little bit of frottage to it, nice and gentle with lots of kissing and soulful glances.

So kiddies, share… What is it that you have been using this week to distract you from the overwhelming urge to kidnap David Brooks, torment him with a chopstick for a few hours and then chain him naked to a pole in Times Square with “I am more stupid than Megan McArdle” tattooed on his forehead?

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One Comment on “The little things that keep me sane”

  1. samael7 says:

    I’m actually relieved you said that about Dutch. I always feel like I’m being told I’ve “been a very bad boy” when I hear it. And that’s just the lady speaking over the PA at Schiphol airport!

    (At the start of my trip! Before the, uh, vacation part!)

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