Hot Japanese Girls…

I can’t stop watching. It’s like eating marshmallow while bathing in fairy floss inside a sugar house that David Lynch built inside John Waters brain.

I also offer this for our electronica minded bretheren, to counteract the sugar:

… and this:

h/ts Paul Ryan’s Dirty Sockpuppet and Comrade Mary at Balloon Juice

2 Comments on “Hot Japanese Girls…”

  1. bill says:

    I could swear I saw that little brown-haired lady in a Japanese porn video the other day.

  2. Tony until I can come up with a better monniker says:

    I (How does the phraseology go..) had to “share” this on my Facebook page right after swearing that I was done giving information to Facebook for free and was done with the damn site. Damn you to hell Sarah!

    Keep sharing on DailyKos, there are new eyes for your genius there every week you old rich so and so.

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