Telling to the Revolution

The sound is crappy and hard to understand at times, and I generally have reservations about people who want to throw themselves into the abyss that is YouTube stardom* – even when it’s a devastatingly cute serviceman from Alabama who still calls his dad “Sir” and says “Oh my lord”.

Nevertheless, this made me cry:

Google “Don’t ask don’t tell” and you will find a huge number of articles which mention members of the armed forces coming out as a result of the repeal, some publicly**:

FOX News: It was the tears of Marine Captain Sarah Pezzat, whose nickname in the military is “Short Shot,” that put a human face on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and what it’s repeal means for the estimated 65,000 gay members of the military currently serving.

On Capitol Hill today she said before a bipartisan group of Senators: “I’m 31 years old. I’m a woman. I am a Marine,” and this is where she chokes back tears, “and I’m a lesbian.” She then says, “I’m sorry… Prior today if I said that I could be discharged.”

and others much more quietly:

“I still have quite a few friends in the military who are looking forward to this day. Some of them will come out some won’t,” Almy told Fox News on the eve of the repeal. “I have a good friend named Todd. He is currently serving on active duty. Tomorrow he will not make a big announcement, but he is going to go to work and he will put a picture of his partner on his desk.”

Consider this: over the next few weeks and months (or perhaps, in some cases, years, because fear and the closet are powerful things), hundreds, thousands of nice, ordinary American servicemen and women of various ages, creeds, colors and preferences for pink, squishy bits, from all over America, are going to come out to someone, are finally going to say “This is who I am” to their mother, or their best friend, or their commanding officer, or their entire platoon, or their little community in Alabama, or even just to themselves.

It’s the biggest mass coming out since the Castro 1969.

It won’t all be easy, and not every dad is going to say “I love you, I will always will, no matter what”, but there’s just a chance it might change America for the better.

* Blogging being, of course, a pursuit entirely unmotivated by vanity or greed.

** I wouldn’t normally link to Fox News, but it’s not a bad article aside from the one paragraph of “illegitimate blah blah gays will touch each other in the shower and did I mention that the President is blackity black black and probably a gay” vomit from some poor sad arsehole at the end.

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