Things are looking up

Some weeks the bustle and bluster and stupid in the world and on the intertubes is just so great that it defies my attempts to joke about it. You can tell it’s one of those weeks when I break out into a rash of music, book or food threads. When in doubt, write about the things that keep you sane.

In that aim, I offer you a little song called “The Falcons”, by an Anglo-Irish gentleman (who, from this live performance, I have a sneaking suspicion may also be a nice gay gentleman – although who can tell these days?) called Patrick Wolf.

I’m grateful to Mr Wolf for giving me my go-to-happy-place over the last couple of days.

Why has no one told me of his existence before? What else have you lot been keeping from me?

One Comment on “Things are looking up”

  1. Seanindc says:

    since I got that awesome mashup from you on Cole’s site, I figured its time to pay it back. Enjoy – hope you like it.

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