I’ve not posted for a while. I read the Corner or David Brooks’ column or Nooners’ latest drivel about how things were much better back when Ronald Reagan was getting shot and, while I want to make fun of it, I really just find it all too depressing for words.

Thank heavens for Texts from Dog, which restores my faith in humanity each and every day.

Thanks to Larkspur for sending me there in the first place.

One Comment on “Apologies”

  1. I know how you feel. I’ve gone from posting my Sunday Recaps every Sunday to once a month if I’m lucky exactly because it’s depressing the crap out of me. Can’t we just vote now and be done with it. I’m (almost) at the point where I no longer give a shit who wins. I just want it over. Hang in there, Sarah.. You’ll rise to kick ass again, and so will I.

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